Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Title Change

Writing memoir is a personal process. It requires soul searching, brutal honesty, and occasionally opening a vein to bleed angst and emotions all over the keyboard. Then, in quieter times, the opportunity to consider how all those words can be reformed to be of value to a reader. It's nice to be in the stage where I have the content on the page and now am finessing word choices, vignette themes, and overall topics.

The title: "The Will to Love" was important to have because I was motivated to show the power of choosing the "Will Love" concept but now it doesn't define the scope of the story. A subtitle shouldn't be necessary so I'm toying with new titles.... I plan to get some excerpts posted this month. Then there's all the behind the scenes business stuff to attend to about...

My Sittin' Mommy and her Sweetheart.