Sunday, April 22, 2012

Wow, life.

I've recently been doing all kinds of upgrades and maintenance regarding my writer career and presence on the web. So it's amusing to see this one site, and this story which initiated my entrance into the websphere, is the one most neglected. This amuses me because once I had "finished" the memoir of my parents and started putting it "out there" was when I began traveling a whole new life/career path.

Often, this past year, I've had reason to pause and notice that I'm on a path where the destination I've reached "now" is what was needed for inclusion in this memoir. I can't really explain it other than to say it's sort of a 4th dimension wheel of reconnection with my ancestors, and also defining my individual path that is my present. The 4th dimension as defined by Einstein is - time.

So while I will not apologize for being remiss on putting my memoir forth as is, I'll instead share some of the really cool stuff that's transpired.

Author Marketing 101 is dear to my heart. I love writers, story tellers, authors, artists. I hate seeing them flounder in the mystery of marketing and not put their best foot forward.This project is my cooperative effort with my marketing partner, Morgan, to be of service to all of the above.

On my main blog, there's been a lot of activity and one of my posts has been chosen by an online magazine for a repost. This is a big deal to me. There's been a lot of synchronicities regarding the events in my life and they are happening on important dates, or in tandem with other interesting stuff. There's a very nice and comforting feeling that my parents are still participants in my life, on a close and personal esoteric level, instead of a long distance phone call.

It's significant to me that the day before my birthday, this year, it will be seven years since my mom transitioned through the death process, and Dad joined her three months later. It was to be his first visit to Mom's grave sight, but Dad drove past the cemetery and instead was in an accident where everyone should have survived.

No worries, I will get this memoir ready for prime time. I really want to see it in high school and college family study courses. The parental relationship is not all about wounds and wolves. The majority are about light and love, that include lessons to learn. It's really empowering to learn something then put it in practice.

That's what parents are to facilitate. The next generation is always the new hope, and deserve the best tools we can provide from our stories of what was before in relation to what is promoted today.