Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A good "what-not-to-do" marketing example

I assume many of you are here because of the  Author Marketing 101 blog I coauthor with Morgan Kennedy. It was a bit of a surprise to suddenly see activity in my stats for this site even though the links at AM101 direct readers to my primary blogThis site was created as a static website back in 2008 and was transferred last year from the tiny webhosting service to a GoDaddy domain, and blogspot hosting. 

This site is a good example of why we advise authors not to market a book prior to it being available for sale. 
This site is also testament to how promoting something not available is uncomfortable and generates a lot of - "Well, when can I read it?" The answer is, when I can give my memoir the attention it deserves, which may be soon, or not. No one wants this project complete and being read more than I do - see the third bullet point.
  • Therese Patrick . com was created for the friends and family who were excited to know I was working on a memoir about my parents. 
  • Therese Patrick . com was created to be a "Value Added" location for all kinds of cool things that did not belong IN the story of my parents and childhood, but were relevant TO the story. 
  • Therese Patrick . com was created after I had written THE END to my memoir. I was blissfully unaware that I would encounter more life experiences that would be personally relevant to not only the story of my parents and childhood (I was almost 50 - wasn't I done yet?) but also to the writing style of how to present this memoir.
So - Author Marketing 101 lesson:

If you do have anything in cyberspace, know it may have been a good idea at the time to:
  1. Create a placeholder for your Author Persona . com
  2. Get your name out there in social media land (which didn't exist then as it does today) so agents and editors will see you are cyber savvy 
  3. Have a plan but be very clear to readers that your product is In Process
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