Sunday, August 18, 2013

News for 2013

We have a new granddaughter. And she's Awesome!

Kaedance Grace was born on July 29, 2013

My first Contemporary Romance novel Checkmate First Mate will be released in digital format in September 2013.

The Author Marketing 101 Guide and Journal that I've co-written with C. Morgan Kennedy will be available by October 2013.

Ed and I just returned from a vacation in Newport, Oregon, with our two grandsons, aged ten and four. Fun but exhausting!

For more excuses as to why I haven't given any attention to this website or completing this memoir - there's plenty to read over at Terri Patrick's Blog. There was also an Oops or two regarding my new business cards and I had to add my email address to all 1,000 cards - as I shared with my fellow Soul Mate Authors.

The journey to write this memoir - which I expect to complete and publish someday - has been a catalyst for all kinds of amazing opportunities. It's as if my parents want me to be very aware that I am more than just their daughter, and that's why their story will have value.

Thursday, January 10, 2013


Our youngest daughter got married on 12-1-12. Ed and I danced a lot that night, and not just with our 4-year-old grandson. It was a wonderful celebration and this picture represents more than a fun party.

When this grandson was born, Ed was still in chronic pain from a lower back injury sustained in a car accident years earlier. Standing and walking were limited activities and there wasn't much hope of improvement. He was adamant in his acceptance to grin-and-bear it. But that's changed and Ed and I even took ballroom dancing classes in preparation for this fun event. So when I look at this picture I also see that miracles do happen, we just might not notice during the business of living life.

This picture represents huge changes in the dynamics of our family in only four years, since the birth of our second grandson, including two weddings and a funeral. It was because of, and during, these big changes that the return of Ed's ability to dance again occurred. There was no transformative surgery or magical wand. There were changes to daily routines, diets and activities, because our daughters were buying homes, getting married, needing grandparents to babysit, and small shifts in the requirements of our careers. I also made one of Ed's life long dreams come true. It wasn't a big deal for me, but he wouldn't have it, if I didn't make it happen. Being married means being invested in the happiness and dreams of your partner. And Ed will always be my best dancing partner.

I saw this picture for the first time, today. It sparked a kaleidoscope of images and memories. I've always believed in keeping the faith in the power of a happy agenda. That's probably why good things happen in my life. They may take some time, but four years is pretty quick for a miracle this big.