The only professional portrait we have of Mom and Dad. Carla made it happen. They were in their 50's.  

Mom and Dad in their 60's were still looking about the same as they had for the past 30 years except Dad's hair was totally gray.

Dad became a Eucharistic minister as soon as it was granted for parishioners. This picture was in their church magazine. Dad brought Mom communion every day.
This is Rick, Carla with Mom & Dad at their grandson's wedding, 2 weeks before Mom went to Hospice House. Dad aged dramatically the last few years and Mom was losing muscle control in her neck.

 Dad's foot surgery put him in a wheelchair for a few weeks. The back room could handle two and they were like two kids with dueling wheelchairs. Mom's had a top speed of 4 mph and the thick tires could handle rough terrain. This picture always gives me a weird feeling.

Mom and Dad in their 70's were still active. This was years after Mom's post polio syndrome diagnosis. She was given 1-3 years, 5 at the most. This was during the fall of year 7.

  This is Mom and Dad's 50th Anniversary Quilt. We all created our own squares and Sharon put it all together.

  This picture collage was created by the grandchildren for Dad's wake.

 This is from when I visited Mom at Hospice House. In this picture is Janelle, Dee, Sharon, Juliette, Rose, Angela, Kathrine and Dad. Mom is the one on the the rocking bed.
  This is Dad with Sharon during the late 1980's. Dad loved to dance and took any chance, even if in the back room with no music.

  This is Dad with my daughter Michelle. There was always a special glow about Dad when he held a grandchild.

  This is Rick's birthday in April 1961. Mom was finally home for good even though there was another assessment trip to Warm Springs later that year. I'm the toddler in Dad's arms.

  This is Dad viewing the poster display at Mom's wake.

  This is Rose, Sharon and me underneath Mom's picture at the historic pools at the Roosevelt Warm Springs Foundation. We did a sisters trip of memories and research in July of 2007. It was an awesome trip - exceeding all expectations! I'm standing beside an Iron Lung.