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Here’s an online resource Guide to Home Remodeling for Disability and Special Needs

Mom loved her CUSA family.  This unique writing group consisted of 10-15 people, each of who would write a two page letter to the group.  The letters were all kept together and continued in circle.  When Mom got her packet, after she read them all in a few days, we removed her old letter, attached her new one and mailed the packet to the next on the list.  There were pictures and drawings in these letters to the group and the bonds were strong with friendship.

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It is “An Apostolate for People with Chronic illness or with Disabilities” and is still known as CUSA which was at one time the acronym for “Catholics United for Spiritual Action” but is no longer limited to Catholics.  Mom really enjoyed writing and reading all the letters and building relationships all around the country.  

However, it needs to be shared that the CUSA acronym originally, or at least during my childhood, was short for “The Catholic Union of the Sick of America” – not IN America.  Regardless of that non-politically correct title, it’s a great program and Mom was always pleased when the CUSA envelope arrived.  It wouldn’t surprise me if Mom was instrumental in having the name changed to the more positive, “C’s United for Spiritual Action”.  

At one time she was in three different groups so was pretty sure to get a “Sick of America” packet (as us kids called it) of letters every few weeks. 
When I notified CUSA that I wanted to have their link on my website, here’s part of the response:

You may be interested to know that recently, because of getting so many appeals from others who thought our “..Spiritual Action” meant we were donating funds, we had a further name change.  We use “CUSA — An apostolate for the Sick and Disabled”. 
I had the pleasure of meeting your Mom & Dad one year when CUSA held a Day of Recollection in the Cleveland area, and I was able to attend it and meet the local area Cusans.

Thanks so much. 

God bless,

Anna Marie Sopko, CUSA